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Saba Front Cover

Saba (Sā-bə) by Mary Jane is available in paperback and e-reader formats.  Here's the description from the book jacket:  Aaron and Erin Sandkuhler visit exotic Saba. There they have the Perfect Day: the weather, the diving, the food, everything is perfect. When they return to Washington D.C. and find life lacking they decide another vacation is in order - a permanent vacation. They move to Saba to live in paradise. Of course, not even the Garden of Eden met such lofty expectations.

Check out the table below to find it how you want to read it:

Saba (Sā-bə) as a paperback from Amazon
Saba (Sā-bə) as a paperback from
Saba (Sā-bə) as an e-book for Kindle
Saba (Sā-bə) as an e-book for Nook $0.99
Saba (Sā-bə) as an e-book for Sony E-Reader
Saba (Sā-bə) as an e-book for any other platform
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And, if you are looking for a mystical story set in the Australian Outback, try Waltzing Jimmy Jackboy by my literary friend Jennifer Dinn Korman.  Check out her website:

Just one more thing:  With cycling season upon us, I wanted to remind you that last year I wrote a guide on how to cycle up Vail Pass here in Colorado.  It's availble free at:,5122

Follow the links below to my writing on the web, or to opportunities to purchase my first novel, FateClick here to read the words from the back cover.

This is the cover of my first novel.→ 
Buy it now.  Or later.  Whatever works for you.

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Mary Jane's Short Fiction on the Web

"The Wrath of God" by Mary Jane
Appears on, the Ideal Spot on the Web.  Click here.

"Like Water for Macaroni" by Mary Jane
a parody of Like Water for Chocolate
Appears on, the Ideal Spot on the Web.  Click here.

Mary Jane's first five articles article for her college Newspaper The Muddraker appear exclusively on this site. 
Check back later for more Muddraker columns.

#1, September 27, 1985
#2, October 11, 1985
#3, November 8, 1985
#4, November 22, 1985
#5, December 13, 1985

Fate by Mary Jane back cover text:

People have argued for millennia over what controls us, Fate or Free Will.  Well stop the presses and hold the phone because salvation lies within the book currently in your hands.  Join Christian Whitney as he makes the difficult transition from successful attorney to bumbling bank robber, along the way meeting the woman who is the answer to all his questions.  His companion on this quest is a childhood nemesis who reappears in his life at the worst possible time Ė or is it the best?  Over a single long weekend in Los Angeles our intrepid duo goes from Santa Monica to the Inland Empire, from the heights of Mt. Baldy to the depths of Disneyland, all the while intertwined in a fate they donít understand and making choices whose consequences they canít comprehend.  Start reading and youíll find the pages virtually turn themselves.

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