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Welcome to the one and only website for Angela and Kyle Roesler!

This site is intended for the use of our friends and family, but all are welcome to look.

New! Pictures of our Arctic Crusie!!!.

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The Writings of Mary Jane

Use the links below to send us e-mail.  No spam, please - unless you're a member of the royal family in an obscure African country who needs help getting vast amount of money out of your war torn homeland - then by all means, send us some e-mail!  We're happy to help.
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We now offer a line of Hybrid Automobile Bumper Stickers!

Check out a fun feature at www.karoesler.com, List-o-rama!

Mary Jane is a good friend of ours, and she's trying to become a well-known writer.. 

Click here to read some samples of her work.

You can click here to buy a copy of her novel Fate from www.bn.com!

Photo Gallery and Observations of the World

Look at the photos from our travels.

You can also read the Observations we have of the places we've been.

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